Our Financial Planning Process

Discuss - Analyze - Refine - Evolve

We create detailed financial road maps for our clients by listening to their goals, helping them understand where they are, and implementing a process to help them achieve those goals.

1) Discuss your goals and questions
  • Financial security for your family
  • The right education for your children
  • Comfortable retirement
  • A second home
  • Legacy assets to leave your heirs

Your goals may include:

You may have questions:

  • How do we fund our lifestyle if our investments falter or if one or both of us lose our jobs?
  • How is my family protected if something happens to one or both of us?
  • Will our kids be able to attend the college of their choice?
  • Will we be able to live a lifestyle in retirement similar to our lifestyle today?
  • How will we afford the rising cost of healthcare?
2) Analyze Assests and Invest


Consider essential expenses and luxury expenses


Plan for charitable gifts

Refine Goals


Understand asset allocation and plan for tax efficiency

Our goal is to help create peace of mind for our clients.

  • Our discussions will help you set goals and give you confidence to move forward with purpose. We help you prioritize the financial goals that matter most to you, whether it’s leaving a family legacy, education, or philanthropic giving.
  • Our plan will analyze cash flow requirements in light of your goals and set measurable financial targets that drive your investment allocation.
  • Our plan will help you achieve a stable financial future, with tomorrow’s living expenses covered by today’s spending, saving, and investment decisions.
3) Refine your goals and assess the present
4) Evolve!

We strive to empower you with transparency, confidence, and peace of mind.

Our Investment Management Process

Our Investment Management Process

We believe that the era of simplistic one-page risk tolerance questionnaires, one-size-fits-all investment programs, over-diversification, and financial plans that aren’t synchronized to investment programs are no longer adequate strategies for clients to successfully achieve their long-term financial dreams.

Delos Capital Advisors offers a new era of wealth management that is formulated to empower investors to better understand their finances by aligning them to their strategic goals. Our holistic goals-based solution considers more than investment and retirement accounts- It’s aimed to design wealth management programs that take a 360-degree view of all financial components by aligning them to one’s goals of today and tomorrow.

Interested in learning how we tailor our process to you? Get started with our Financial Goal Planner.